Gianluca Costantini

Vdor Break 21, 3° International Festival of young independent artists 1999

3 – 9 may 1999, Ljubljana

This section features young European independent comic-strip artists, some of whom are seeking their “place in the sun” under the comic scene, while others are already well-established. Over 50 short comic-strips were submitted in response to this year’s open invitation for entries to the festival on the theme PEACE. Peace as a state of mind: peace as humanity’s aspiration: peace amongst all peoples; war and peace, eternal peace; the Nobel Peace Prize; “unpeace”, the Russian space station Mir (Peace); or anything else somehow conncted to peace.

In terms of the techniques used and their contents, the strips, many of which were drawn by fine arts students and graduates, differ considerably. The strips selected will be exhibited at KUD France Preseren in Ljubljana and published in a volume. Besides Slovene and Croatian artists, there are also the festival’s guest Noel K. Hannan, Alwyn Talbot, Claudio Parentela, Sasa Mihajlovic, Vladan Savic, Yelena V. Butkeeva, Victor Pankratov, Dilyara Nassyrova and Gianluca Costantini, who will participate in the exhibitions as well as a panel on comic strip illustration and an illustrator’s jam-session.

In collaboration with the Slovene comic-strip magazine, Stripburger.

Stripburger / Slovenia



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