Gianluca Costantini

Vdor Break 21, 4° International Festival of young independent artists 2000

Break 21 Festival presents short black and white comics of young independent European authors. The authors were given a theme for their comics: THE FORBIDDEN. We received 72 forbidden comics from 72 authors. The selected comics which are presented in this anthology were also exhibited at the BREAK 21 exhibition of comics in KUD France Prešern. On that occasion the following authors were present at the exhibition’s opening: Saša Mihajlović, Neda Dokić, Ole Comoll, Christensen, Eric Braün, Gianluca Costantini and Maria Isabel Carvalho. They were also following a discussion about the history, current state and future of alternative comics.
The discussion took place on Friday, 12th of May in the gallery of KUD France Prešern. If you missed it, at least you have the opportunity to read this album, now!



Slovenia / Stripburger



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