Gianluca Costantini

GRRR! Strip Festival Pancevo

October 31, Novembre 2, 2002
Gallery of Contemporary Art – Galerija savremene umetnosti
Pančevo, Beograd

Chris Lanier, Maaike Hartjex, Gianluca Costantini and Mark Hendriks

Guest of the GRRR! festival will be introduced with an exhibition that shows a selection of their works. Even though they are artists of rather different styles and sensibilities, they (mostly) have something in common: they are all of the younger generation of cartoonist/illustrators, who have built their style already, while their works are published in both independent/self-published publication, and popular magazines and web sites in their countries.

New comics – Serbia
New comics – Italy
New comics – Holland

The exhibition dedicated to a new comic scene in Serbia, Italy and Holland is aimed to present and (maybe) to compare the recent production of non-commercial comics in these countries. Cartoonists from Italy and Holland are mostly representatives of a younger generation, while some of the Serbian cartoonists are already well – established in non-establishment circles.




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