Gianluca Costantini

Prvi hrvatski biennale ilustracije

First Croatian Biennial of Illustration
Galerija Klovićevi dvori,
6 june – 30 july 2006

The work of Gianluca Costantini combines the written word and the clear, definite drawn line to give life to the book Vorrei incontrarti. His graphic and decorative research (“the decoration of existence”, as he defines it) leads to a work of illustration closely intertwined with the text but also capable of living on its own. The word itself becomes a decorative sign, almost an arabesque that prolongs the visual pleasure of the written word before ending with the complete picture. It becomes the inextricable thread that leads through the story.
A further, and very vital, field for illustration is political commentary, presenting incisive and critical views of our society. In this context, the NOWAR! Project features the will to express a strong position against all conflicts. It’s a collaborative project involving artists and visual/graphic designers, aiming at the creation of visual narrations where the writing interlaces with illustration and mobile images. Starting from an outline text, organized in verbal and visual suggestions, each contributor is asked to collaborate with other participants working on the same text. Even though every time linked to a main theme, the development of the story is meant to be free to try new paths and suggestions.
The world of illustration has gone beyond the domain of books to include illustration work for mobile phone, computer desktops, satirical cartoons, as well as graffiti. Karin Gavassa – (Editorial Assistance: Tom Johnson)