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Vamecum of Fascist Syle in Blatt Spezial, 2007

The project Blatt Spezial is an art edition .
It started in March 2005 and was planned for the duration of five years, four times a year, each edition is of 250 copies. Artists from different artistic fields as well curators, critics, writers , were invited to contribute to the edition with texts and images. The contributions were specially created for Blatt Spezial and appeared for the first time. The texts were written in their native languages. The artists were free to choose their topic and form of expression. Each copy is hand-folded whereby the color each time is different and uniquely mixed.
The idea behind was to propose a white surface as a ”common place” where through the meeting of various practices will create a new form. Blatt Spezial could be seen as an exibition space on a white paper surface where the multitudes of works in each edition redefine the “one” in its totality.
Thanks to all private sponsors and friends that helped to make this edition possible and grow and especially thanks to the Kulturamt Frankfurt am Main.
Any copies yet available.
Concept and curator – Giovanna Sarti
Design – Nathalie Landenberger
Print – Druck Werkstatt Vatter

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