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Pocketbook Heroes Issue#3

Nothing much to soy but plenty of time to soy it…
So here we are crazed comic book aficionados! The 3rd issue of our “eve?-g?owing in popularity” anthology book. What started 12 years ago os o couple of dudes with o copy machine and has grown into the gem of the small press industry, the jewel of our publishing cops, and, lets be honest, on all around kick-boss book! This year we pulled out all stops! Searching the globe using every social medio to bring together on eclectic cornucopia of talents with such varying styles and themes it would be on impossibility (and do them all o disservice) to try to give it one. Let’s just call it a “grab-bag” of art and musings with something for everyone. And once again f find myself at the helm of this ship given the enviable task of introducing them and steering the flow os my editorial abilities (or lack thereof) has seen fit. It is, os always, my honor to welcome new talents to our audience and my pleasure to bring bock some old friends os well. Much has changed in the annals of the Bore Bones landscape over the years. Friends hove come and gone and touched us (sometimes inappropriately) and taught us to appreciate new styles and opened our eyes to their views. How blessed am f to f ind myself of the beginning of so many of their journeys and to call so many of them my friends? As always, f hope you enjoy perusing this book os much os f hove enjoyed putting it together and I look forward to the new friends and relationships thot will stroll through the door this book has opened. Don’t forget to keep in touch with us on the web and to keep an eye on our FB fan page Bore Bones Studios. One never knows what hidden gem awaits around the corner of our collective lives and careers… Be well. Rob Beck

PocketBook Heroes – Issue #3 – June 2011
Owner and all around swell guy – Mike Purcell
Editor in Chief /pontificator – Robert Beck
Loyouts/key grip/assistant to the assistant – Corlos Zomora
Cover artist – Shone Sovonopridi
Foiled invosions – Fernando Suarez B. Graphic designer/Comic Artist
Cot Tales 2: Night of the Felis By Lin and Greg Pyatt Look for Lin’s work on FB at – Wicked Apple/ ArtFire Kiosk
Atom Bug – coming soon from Michoel Mauro
Hippy Jonny – the debut graphic novel coming soon from Ryan Dodd
Drown out Dod comic strip by Maarten Bauw
Rabo UFO written and illustrated by Matt Malleur
First Kill contributed by Steve Tanner and Andrew Todd
Pretty Vacant contributed by the creative team of John Villalino, Donny Kelly, and R.Cane Jeff
Game Rant Comics.comby Brandon Kirkpatrick
Comic Strips contributed by Jason Sylvestre
Dirtheads contri bated by Toro Avery
El hombre invisible contributed by Gionluca Costantini
Inside bock covet pinup submitted by Michael Beck( my most-awesome son)
Bock cover illustrated by Isaac Cordova

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