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#ASSANGEWIKILEAKS The first Twitter Fiction illustrated

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From a graphic novel , Julian Assange From ethics to WikiLeaks hackers, written by Dario Morgante and designed by Gianluca Costantini, published by the publishing house BeccoGiallo, born #AssangeWikiLeaks, the reconstruction of the illustrated story of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.

One of the mode of use of Twitter and experimentation of new forms of storytelling. Not a case, in November 2012, Twitter has launched the Twitter Fiction Festival, the first Festival of narrative Twitter .

In this panorama of experiments and discoveries, #AssangeWikiLeaks become a new way of making Twitter Fiction . The serial is a constitutive element and matrix of a comic . And this “arsequential”, as he called Scott McCloud, is perfectly suited to the dynamics of Twitter. #AssangeWikiLeaks Will be published in four tweets every day , at 9.30 , 11.30 , 13.30 and at 15.30, transmitted on the channel @U10Fiction, with four cartoon sand four insights that readers can comment .

It has been pubiished in Italian from May to September 2013 on and it counted 300 illustrated tweets about the life of Julian Assange and the birth of WikiLeaks.

Each tweet has been accompanied by a text that let the follower dive into the details of the story and learn more about the history of WikiLeaks directly from the sources available on the internet.

At the end of the programming will be produced a Tweetbook PDF and EPUB , distributed free on Follow @U10Fiction to find out the background of the person who is been called “international hero” and at the same time accused of “wax patterns.”

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Julian Assange



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