Gianluca Costantini

Workshop and Exhibition “Drawing Reality”

December 27 from 16 will be held a small workshop of comics and drawing in space TWIZA, Tunis.
At 19 a small exhibition and a meeting to talk.

TWIZA is a new space, open to everybody, in the heart of the Tunis Medina, in an inspiring Zewiya (a historical Sufi monument).
We have decided to call it TWIZA, a berber word describing a life-style based on sharing and collective participation. 

Through artistic and cultural activities we hope we can get as many people as possible to join this project, so that TWIZA eventually becomes a lively place to meet and share ideas.

@13 rue Sidi Essourdu, near Torbet El Bey | Facebook

Gianluca Costantini is an artist, publisherteacherorganizer of exhibitions and a number of other things. A visual artist and comic’s author investigating reality for over 15 years. He has published short stories and graphic novels in Italy and abroad.

It’a internet activist known internationally for the projects Political Comics  and ChannelDraw.