Gianluca Costantini
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Gianluca Costantini: drawing reality #Switzerland

From 13th until 18th of October Spazio 1929
Lugano, Switzerland
Opening 13th of October at 6 pm

Gianluca Costantini called himself an activist artist or to be more precise a reality drawer and visual activist. In our times, when freedom of press and information are in crisis, it’not a comfortable definition. Cartoon and comics in a very short time earned a huge space and success, ma they also carry a big responsibility. With very few lines graphic journalism delivers an unexpected point of view, it cuts the continuous flow of information and it gives us a rest, a moment to reflect and watch the world in an original and different way. This exhibition underlines creativity and productiveness of this activist/artist through a selection of arts taken by his books and pages commenting day by day reality.



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