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The resistance of the Kurdish people

December 2015–February 2016 Cizre curfew was the second Turkish military curfew on the city since the onset of the Kurdish-Turkish conflict after the end of the cease fire between the PKK and the Turkish State in 2015. The curfew took place within the scope of the 2015–16 Şırnak clashes in the PKK rebellion and after the September 2015 Cizre curfew.


This in Cizre (a north Kurdistan country) turkish forces use this place as military quartes for fight to kurdish people.

Öğretmenler yeni nesil sizin eseriniz olacaktir. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

Turkish sniper. Primary school Cizre.

Cizre Başhekimlik

Hospital of Cizre occupied by turkish force.


Kid from Shingal brainwashed trained by IS evil to make terrorist actions, killing! Source Jack Shaine


13-year-old Şiyar Baran has been Murdered by occupant, turkish state forces in Diyarbakır.

57 year old Taybet Inan, mother of 11 killed in Cizre 7 day ago but family couldnttake her body due 2 intense fire. Source Mutlu Civiroglu.


Sultan Imark on of 19 wounded in Cizre basement, passed away due to state forces’ attack.

I want to live! Veli Cicek (16 years) now kurdish child faces death in basement of Cizre bulding.


What would you do? The next day?

Günay Özarslan, Dilek Doğan, Dilan Kortak, Şirin Öter and Yeliz Erbay


Cizre kerboran sur silopi nusaybin.

Justice for the senseless and unnecessary murder of Kemal Kurdut


Tukish SAS commando in Cizre.


Cizre / cudi’de 16 yasinda, Yunus Ismindeki ziginsel engelli Çocuk, bulnduğu evin yakilmasi nedeniyle yaralandi. source Faysal Sarıyıldız


2 kurdish journalist Rojîn Akın & Hayri Demir dancing on the Euphrates river after liberation of Tishrin.

These body bags belong to kurdish civilians killed by turkish state in Cizre. Turkey blocks their burial & funeral.


Kurdish terrorist.

After Cizre now civil protection units of Nisebin (#YPS-Nibesin) established today (DIHA). Source Cahîda Dêrsim.


Seven months pregant Zekiye Eren and eight months pregnant Asya Sezgin (37) gave premature birth under the strain of intensified bombardments late yesterday evening, both mothers lost their lives due to belated access to hospital. #cizre

YPG units liberated the villages toraman, Quelha and Qun aftar villages in southern front. Source YPG Kobanê.


YPJ fighter Meliha Çürük lost her life in al Hawi. Family is tying bring her body for 47 to turkey but to no avail! Source Mutlu Civiroglu.


Body of 57 Taybet Inan who got killed in Cizre lying on street for 7 days. Source Ferhot Encu.

Turkish soldiers massacre kurdish babies in Cizre. Meray a 4 months old girl killed.

As in other places, the Turkish military used heavy weapons to bomb residential areas. According to Russia Today, the total death toll was “hundreds”.[1]

Around 20 January Turkish military opened fire without warning on a group of unarmed Kurdish civilians waving white flags, thereby killing two and wounding nine people. The video journalist Refik Tekin filming the incident was shot in the leg and later accused of being a member of a terrorist organisation. Turkish state media reported: “Three terrorists were neutralised and nine others wounded”. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights expressed concerns and urged an investigation.

During the military operations in the weeks before the massacre on 7 February there were reports about people trapped in basements, some of them wounded, and that the government denied emergency ambulance access. Cumhuriyet published a recording of a telephone conversation with the citizens in one of the basements. In another recording it is reported that Turkish security forces burned about 20 people alive after pouring gasoline into a basement, and that they were playing music used by the ultra-nationalist or fascist organisations Grey Wolves and MHP.

The violence peaked on 7 February 2016, when more than 150 civilians were killed by Turkish security forces, reportedly many burnt alive. The same sources claim that the evidence shows these were intentional massacres and deliberate executions that “cannot be explained only as a result of the fighting.” Some of the claimed dead were allegedly children as young as nine to 10 years old. Some of the totally burned corpses could not be identified.

As reported by IPPNW, according to the Human Rights Association 178 unarmed people were killed by the Turkish military and their bodies found in three basements. The same is reported by Kurdish sources.

Turkey called these accusations “baseless terror propaganda” used as “recruitment tools”. Turkish state media on the same day announced that “an operation had successfully neutralized several PKK militants”.

According to the UN Turkey refused to allow a UN team to conduct research in the area.

The UN says it has reports that more than 100 people were burned to death while sheltering in basements in Cizre.

There was no crime scene investigation and no judicial authority was allowed to enter the basements. Instead the Turkish authorities arranged that the ruins were flattened, the basements filled up with rubble, and bodies were taken away. Therefore, Human Rights Watch suspects a cover-up.

Kurdish people / Turkey

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