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Angoulême Festival of Comics Drops Sodastream

Dear friends,

Amidst righteous anger surrounding the Angoulême FIBD selection of an all-male slate of nominees for its 2016 Grand Prix, we are happy to inform you that there is an important victory that we can all claim responsibility for: after two intense campaigns, the FIBD has dropped Sodastream as a partner for its 2016 edition.

Your support and your voices have achieved a small but tangible victory, a small but tangible signal at the dawn of the new year, to warm the hearts of people in the Gaza winter, where the heat system has not been repaired since the last deadly attack by the Israeli army. The Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement gives us hope.

We are so grateful for your efforts and your willingness to defend Palestinian rights, and we send our support, solidarity, and wishes of similar victory to BD égalité, organizers of the current boycott efforts surrounding Angoulême FIBD.

We now look to the rest of the comic book industry, around the world, to take note of these efforts and their outcome: together we can make a change.

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