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Every whistleblower that I interviewed wept – Eva Orner


Australia’s current refugee policy has been informed by a succession of prime 

ministers, and four of them have a part to play in the development of Chasing Asylum: a stunning new documentary directed by Eva Orner.

Chasing Asylum first look review – asylum seeker documentary is vital and gut-wrenching

This viscerally intense exposé of Australia’s asylum seeker policy will make audiences feel like a brick smashed to pieces with a sledgehammer

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The Oscar-winning Australian was living in New York in 2007 when Kevin Rudd was elected. She thought Labor’s return to power would bring an end to the so-called Pacific Solution, where asylum seekers were transported to detention centres on islands away from the mainland. “We stayed up all night celebrating the end of John Howard, and the [detention] camps closing, and then to my horror they were reopened,” Orner tells Guardian Australia. Continue

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