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Freedom for LeMan #Istanbul


The Police Prevented LeMan from Being Printed
Humor magazine LeMan’s “coup special issue” that was expected to be published today (July 20) has been prevented from being printed.

LeMan’s coup special issue that was going to be issued today has been prevented from being printed by police.
The announcement made from LeMan’s twitter account is as follows:
Announcement to our readers and the press: “#Leman’s issue has been prevented by the police. We guess it’s the price for #Fetö* comics and #Fetö covers we made so far.”
LeMan was going to issue with two covers as “coup special issue”.
On Twitter, many people have shared the covers that criticize Fethullah Gülen and Gülen Community which LeMan made till now. (EKN/UA)

*FETO stands for Fethullahist Terror Organization, which is blamed for the coup attempt by the government. Fethullah Gülen is the US based cleric and founder of the Gülen Movement, which is subjected to investigations on charge of infiltrating state institutions and taking over the government.




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