Gianluca Costantini

European Citizenship Awards: online votes are now open

Sometimes it seems that our personal engagement couldn’t change things. I feel that my candidacy to the European Citizenship Awards says the opposite: each one can do the difference. Just one drawing a day in all these years tried to put an end to negation of human rights in place very far from my house, and some one, not only activists, relatives and friends of the victims, realize it. Please support this idea here


The European Citizenship Awards 2016 are a joint initiative between Volonteurope and the European Civic Forum, two European networks which promote active citizenship and recognition of the importance of social justice to the cohesion of communities across Europe. The Awards celebrate the democratic and civic engagement of individuals, organisations, citizens’ groups, media platforms and social enterprises, recognising innovative initiatives and contributions which give real substance to European values, create ownership of public space and improve the lives of our communities in terms of democracy, social justice and universal access to rights.

A judging panel selected four nominees for each categories, following precise rules of procedure and clear selection criteria.

Have a look at the detailed descriptions for each candidate within the four categories and select your favorites. This is where your participation counts. You are now invited to choose your favorite candidate in each category and so give them a chance to be our 2017 Laureates.





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