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You are not the majority! #wearethemajority

Over the past two days, we have all witnessed the violence by white supremacists from across the country in Charlottesville, Virginia. While we understand this hatred and vitriol to be part of this country’s long history with white supremacy, we also know this is directly related to the growing popularity and recent rise in far right nationalism as evidenced by more and more blatant attacks on our communities.

Considering the level of violence—from Charlottesville to the White House—we invite you to join us for a national call to confront white supremacy, build power and defend our communities.

Join The Majority today, August 14th at 9PM EST/6PM EST for a national call. Register here. (You must register to join call).

We, people who believe in freedom, justice, and the humanity of all people are the majority. We won’t stand idly by; we will show up united, in a deep abiding love for one another. We are committed to fight for and realize a world in which the inherent humanity of all people is honored. Join us today.

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