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What should Europeanists do in response to the real state of our Union? – Srećko Horvat

The weekend before the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, delivers his official ‘State of the Union’ speech in Strasbourg, DiEM25 will be in Brussels, at the BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts, to open the lid on the real state of our European Union. In a unique two-hour event, bringing together politicians and academics, artists and activists, three pressing questions will be addressed:

  • “What is the state of play across Europe today?”
  • “What should Europeanists do in response to the real state of our Union?”
  • “What does DiEM25 propose to do over the next two years, leading to the European elections of 2019, and beyond?”

DiEM25 is working 24/7 to provide awareness, launch campaigns and produce policies to bring about the reforms the EU needs to survive. We are against the institutions’ business-as-usual: patching up the current arrangement and extending the EU’s agony with “a Europe of different speeds” based on an unjust, unworkable status-quo. Their blueprint, which Commission President Juncker champions, is one that will only fuel the current process of European disintegration and shred the ideals for a common space of peace, prosperity and humanism in our continent. The “Real State of the Union” rejects that there is no alternative to this path and will offer proposals to resolve the conceptual and structural flaws plaguing the EU.

The event will take place at the Bozar Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels, with DiEM25 co-founders Yanis Varoufakis and Srećko Horvat, and many others leading activists.Tickets may be purchased from join us on the day?
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