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Stop returning people to Afghanistan! Taibeh Abbasi

1000s of students in Norway are doing everything they can to protect their classmate Taibeh from being deported to Afghanistan. Join them and defend all Afghan asylum seekers at risk of deportation from Norway.

Taibeh dreams of graduating from high school next summer and becoming a doctor, but right now she lives in fear of being deported to a country she has never even visited.
Like Taibeh, many other Afghans are at risk of being returned from Norway.

In the past years thousands of Afghans have been returned from Europe, despite evidence that they face serious harm in the country. Norway claims that Afghans can be returned as the country is safe, but 2016 was the deadliest year on record in Afghanistan. Returning people to Afghanistan right now is not only cruel, it is also reckless and illegal.

But people are starting to stand up for those at risk, like the 1000s of students who stand with Taibeh to stop her from being sent to Afghanistan.
Stand up for all the Afghan asylum seekers like Taibeh at risk of being returned to Afghanistan, sign the petition.

Call on the Norwegian government to stop returning people to Afghanistan until the country is stable enough to ensure the safety and dignity. Your voice on this petition will help us to show the Norwegian government that we stand with people at risk of being returned to Afghanistan in Norway.
The Norwegian government thinks we don’t care, show them we do. Sign and share to your networks now. Continue

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