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In the frame of the campaign, we are working closely with Gianluca Costantini. Gianluca a.k.a Channeldrawis an activist and artist who for years fought his battles through the drawing. As he says on his website: “Everything is art, everything is political”

Below you can download the drawings made by Gianluca, based on his own feeling and approach towards the campaign and the Future of Europe. | |

Make Europe Great for All campaign is promoted by a vast network of civic associations and movements mobilised by the European Civic Forum and comes at a juncture in time when the belief in the ability of the European project to insure collective well-being has been seriously fractured and undermined by a decade of crisis, EU policies which do not properly address social needs and populist responses by nationalist, xenophobic and authoritarian forces.

While, according to Eurobarometer figures, 48% of the Europeans are dissatisfied with the way democracy works in their countries and barely one out of two European citizens is optimistic about the future of the EU (56%), the demands expressed in the campaign Manifesto reflect our collective vision for a European Union that puts common good before economic interests and guarantees access to fundamental rights for all its inhabitants.

We aim to engage a wide network of civic organisations and movements, local communities, human rights defenders, journalists, trade unions and businesses who share our values in a two-years pan-European process of defining what should the Future of Europe look like. The MEGA campaign will provide an open and democratic space to think collectively upon these challenges and reclaim a democratic, just and inclusive way out of this deadlock by:

# putting democracy and civic participation at the core of the European debate

# raising awareness about the role of civil society organisations and movements in democratic processes and in society

# empowering activists to speak better and louder to promote openness and tolerance, transmit the values that guide our work, combat Euroscepticism and demystify xenophobic and nationalist narratives.

Together will all those who wish to join us in this endeavor, we will to draw up our wish list of actions the EU institutions need to undertake, we will formulate claims to future candidates running for a term in the next European elections, we will more generally feed into the public space with proposals for more democracy, solidarity, equality, inclusiveness.

If you share our concerns and want to take action, join the conversation forum, label your events and make them visible to the MEGA community, join our future events and actions.

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