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It’s #time4realpeace in Afghanistan

The United States is currently negotiating a peace deal in Afghanistan with the Afghan Taliban after a 17-year military presence in the country, the longest war the US has been involved in its history.


Time4RealPeace aims to bring individuals and collectives both in Afghnaistan and the diaspora together to work for the future of Afghanistan. We are a coalition of Afghan women and youth, civil society groups, individual activists, both in Afghanistan and the diaspora and supporters, who have come together to raise their concerns about the current peace deal and to advocate for the inclusion of the voices and interest of Afghan women, Afghan youth and the democratically elected government and institutions. We all have a stake in Afghanistan’s future — whether we live in Afghanistan or abroad .

We want an end to the violence. In 2018 alone, 2,798 Afghan civilians were killed as a result of violence perpetrated by the Taliban and other militia groups. Afghans are not safe at their cricket matches, at their gyms, on their way to work, in their schools, in their theatres. As Afghans we welcome all steps taken towards creating the environment for a lasting peace in our country and want to ensure the active participation of all voices in this process. We recognise that to make lasting peace, we have to include the voices of all those who will be involved in upholding it and over the coming weeks we will be highlighting these voices through this campaign.


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