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Human rights in Cameroon

Akumbom elvis McCarty
  • In Cameroon, the government has never accepted crimes committed by the military. So any news concerning the brutal act of the military or government is considered fake news. Akumbom elvis McCarty

He was arrested on March 20, 2018

Amdaou Vamoulké

Vamoulké, the former managing director of state-owned Cameroon Radio 
and Television (CRTV), was arrested on July 29, 2016, for alleged embezzlement, according to media reports and one of the journalist’s lawyers.

Mancho Bibixy BBC

‘Coffin Revolutionist’, Mancho Bibixy during one of his protest in Bamenda before his arrest.

Abdul Karim Ali

Unlawful detention and abuse of detainees are rife in Cameroon. Many people perceived as opposing the government are held often on spurious charges related to national security and terrorism. In another case, Abdul Karim Ali, an outspoken Anglophone activist and political analyst, was arrested on September 25 and denied access to a lawyer for five days, in violation of Cameroonian law. Continue


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