Gianluca Costantini
Political Comics

Drawings for The Artistic Freedom Initiative (AFI)

Brooklyn, NY

King Raam

I continue to feel powerless knowing that my mother has been held hostage against her will for over 544 days and there’s nothing I can do about it

Bobi Wine

Maybe when we tell them in words and they don’t understand, we [should instead] try to sing.

Monica Singh

Today I think of my attack as an incident that has led me on to work for the greater good of women, to champion their rights.

Tania Bruguera

Art should be a concept appearing later, after the fact, not an a priori decision.

Freedom of artistic expression is a fundamental human right essential to cultural development and the functioning of a free society. When artists can express themselves freely, they contribute to the exchange of ideas and opinions, elevate social and political discourse, and play a critical role in promoting tolerance, peace and social justice.

The Artistic Freedom Initiative (AFI) is comprised of human rights activists, lawyers, academics, and artists working together to promote artistic freedom and peaceful dialogue through art. It was founded on the notion that artists are uniquely situated to positively and powerfully affect change, provided their voices can be heard.

To that end, AFI directly assists artists whose freedom of expression has been restricted and supports artists who have demonstrated a commitment to advancing progressive social change and fundamental human rights. We work with immigrant artists to champion art produced in exile, advance creative cultural exchange, improve conditions for artists in their home countries, and safeguard their ability to express themselves creatively throughout the world.

Our legal services, resettlement, and advocacy programs are designed with these specific goals in mind.


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Political Comics