Gianluca Costantini

Weary, Lok Man Law

We have already reached the six-month mark, and although I am the least qualified to speak of exhaustion, I must stop here, to watch with shame as others move forward.

The morning of 8 November, news of twenty-two-year-old Alex Chow’s death spread on Facebook. He had been seriously injured the week before, falling from the third to the second storey of a small car park in Tseung Kwan O, a new town on Hong Kong’s eastern side. Police interference delayed emergency medical treatment, putting his life at risk. His became the first life sacrificed in the clashes between police and Hong Kong citizens.

An online video shows the police pursuing Chow before he fell. Suspicion that police had injured, then thrown him to the lower storey, prompted a flurry of anxious posts and messaging. A week earlier, on the evening of the incident, two police officers were holding their wedding banquet in a Tseung Kwan O restaurant when a large crowd of protesters surrounded the venue. Tear gas was fired after riot police arrived to reinforce officers at the scene. People fled, some attempting to leave via the car park. Chow was among them. Continue

Published in the Mekong Review, january 2020

Hong Kong / Mekong Review