Gianluca Costantini
Reality / Collective exhibition

The Art of Defiance. Hong Kong: Revolution of Our Time

“The Art of Defiance. 
Hong Kong: Revolution of Our Time”

 curated by NSW Hongkongers

6-18 feb 2020, m2 Gallery, Sydney (Australia)

Featuring a stellar line up of Australian and international photographers and artists, “The Art of Defiance – Hong Kong: Revolution of Our Time”, an art exhibition about the recent Hong Kong democracy movement, will take place 6-18 February 2020 at m2 Gallery, Sydney.

The two-week long exhibition will show visitors an eclectic collection of photographs, paintings, posters and sculptures by some of the finest creatives from Australia and across the world, including Australian-Chinese political cartoonist Badiucao, award-winning artist Evan Pank, artist and emeritus professor Liz Ashburn, Sydney based painter and sculptor Pamela Leung, Italian activist and cartoon-journalist Gianluca Costantini, Hong Kong-and-Japanese photography group Studio Incendo, various Hong Kong photojournalists and many more.

Organised by NSW Hongkongers, an independent outreach group of Hong Kong expats and Australian citizens, the art exhibition aims to deliver a memorable experience to visitors.

Gianluca Costantini, “Hong Kong Protests”, from a photo of An Rong Xu

“Sometimes the greatest struggles create the most beautiful work. As unrest grows in our home city, we are also witnessing a bloom of creativity from the movement,” said Leo Ip, representative of NSW Hongkongers, “Our fellow Australians might have seen a 30-second news footage of the Hong Kong protests but we want to show them a different side of the story – a side that is artistic and inspiring.”

Alongside the artwork collection will be an interactive “Lennon Wall” where visitors can write down their thoughts and messages about the movement and post them onto the wall as part of the display.

Ip explained, “Inspired by the original Lennon wall in Prague, Lennon Walls have become such an important symbol of the movement as they represent various spontaneous collections of art and freedom of expression. We want to bring this unique form of art to Sydney and co-create a piece with Sydneysiders.”

Over the two-week period, visitors can immerse themselves in the world of Hongkongers and experience the city’s unrest and struggles through the lenses and brushstrokes of an array of brilliant artists.

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, then `The Art of Defiance’ is the movement’s biography,” Ip added.

Date and time: 

6 Feb 2020 11am-4pm, 7-17 Feb 2020 (Weekday: 11am-7pm, Weekend: 9am-7pm), 18 Feb 2020 11am-2pm

Hong Kong / Australia