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Weltzeit: Freedom, Information and Empowerment

This issue of DW’s corporate magazine Weltzeit explores the impact of an unprecedented pandemic on media and society, and the role of a well-informed public in fighting global injustices such as racism and repression.

The first global lockdown in human memory as a consequence of a pandemic will have long-term effects for everyone on our planet. The media play an important role in this unprecedented situation. Journalists are informing the public despite the personal risk that they are facing in some countries. In this issue of Weltzeit, we will take a closer look at how some governments are trying to prevent their citizens from access to unbiased information even in times of a global health crisis.

You will also read about determined minds who are standing up to the challenges of disinformation and autocratic infringement. Freedom of the press is vital for the sustainable development of societies. A well-informed public can make a difference. Against racism, repression and hate speech. With its global coverage, DW contributes to free flow of information.

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