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Rachita Taneja, Sanitary Panels indian webcomic

Supreme court issues contempt notice to comic illustrator Rachita Taneja for caricatures of ‘Sanitary Panels’ about judiciary.

Sanitary Panels is an Indian webcomic by activist Rachita Taneja. Taking a distinct feminist angle, Sanitary Panels comments upon social justice topics ranging from discrimination to victim blaming. Taneja started her webcomic on Facebook in June 2014 and has since accumulated over 75,000 followers.

Rachita Taneja’s Sanitary Panels uses a stick figure artstyle to comment upon topics such as misogyny, sexism, and social injustice. Taneja noted that she “doesn’t consider herself an artist”: though her webcomic tells short stories about discrimination and hypocrisy, its primary purpose is to cover issues ranging from victim blaming, harassment and homophobia to menstruation and democracy. Sanitary Panels is an explicit webcomic about feminism, similar to The Royal ExistentialsInedible India comicsWhy Loiter?Blank Noise, and various other Indian webcomics. The webcomic covers other topics as well, such as net neutrality. Continue


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