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#BogaziciDireniyor (Bogazici is resisting)

BoğaziçiDireniyor (Boğaziçi is resisting)

During the Covid-19 curfew declared for the 4-day period covering the New Year’s, students, academics and alumni of Turkey’s one of the most prestigious universities, Boğaziçi University were shocked to see appointment of a trustee rector, with full disregard of the institution’s democratic tradition of electing its rectors in over a century-long history. Students, academics and alumni reacted instantly on social media, as the hashtags sustained for three days in the trending topics list; finally leading to a mass protest on campuses on January 4.

On the first hours of the new year, on January 1, AKP chair & President Erdoğan appointed a trustee rector for one of Turkey’s most prestigious universities Boğaziçi University. The new rector, Prof. Dr. Melih Bulu was a former candidate running for parliament under AKP. Continue


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