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A Thousand Cuts a film by Ramona S. Diaz

Film description: Nowhere is the erosion of democracy and the power of social media in politics more evident than in the Philippines. When elected president in 2016, Rodrigo Duterte promised violence with a declared “war on drugs.” We join the prominent journalist Maria Ressa and her publication Rappler as they investigate thousands of government-sanctioned murders of primarily poor people accused of using or selling drugs. To suppress reporting on his mounting abuses, Duterte unleashes a powerful disinformation campaign on social media, targeting journalists with arrests, and violent threats. In this searing film, we follow Ressa and her fearless team as they risk their own freedom in defence of truth and democracy.

“A Thousand Cuts is both a chilling tale of a leader’s gross misuse of power, and an uplifting story about courageous journalism and how it can inspire people to action.” – Carlos H. Conde, senior researcher, Asia Division, Human Rights Watch Continue

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