Gianluca Costantini
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Germany wears ‘human rights’ shirts after Norway’s protest

The German national team wore T-shirts to show support for human rights ahead of a World Cup qualifying game Thursday, hours after FIFA said Norway would not be disciplined for its attempt to draw attention to labor rights abuses in Qatar.

The German team lined up in black shirts, each with one white letter to spell out “HUMAN RIGHTS,” ahead of the 3-0 win against Iceland. Midfielder Leon Goretzka said the German players had followed Norway’s lead and that they wanted to make a statement about the 2022 World Cup.

“We just spoke about it in the team. Obviously we have the World Cup ahead of us and there’s always a lot of discussion going on about that,” he told broadcaster RTL. “We wanted to make it clear to society that we aren’t ignoring that and that instead we’re saying very clearly what kind of conditions there should be, and we tried to make that clear today.” Continue


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