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2000 days without justice/with no justice

A group of lawyers have filed a criminal complaint demanding the trial of public officials responsible for the 2015 bombings during a rally in the capital city of Ankara, which claimed the lives of 103 people and left hundreds injured.

“Since the beginning of the investigation, we have said that those who carried out this massacre were not only those who stood trial,” said the October 10 Ankara Massacre Case Lawyers’ Commission. “The murderers carried out massacres so easily because of the public officials who aided, allowed and turned a blind eye to them.”

Pointing out that no public officials have stood trial for the massacre so far, the lawyers demanded an investigation for “intentional killing by an act of omission” (Turkish Penal Code article 83), “destruction, concealing or altering evidence (article 281) and “misuse of public duty” (article 257). Continue


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