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In The Same Breath by Nanfu Wang

In The Same Breath, directed by Nanfu Wang (One Child Nation), explores the parallel campaigns of misinformation waged by the Chinese and US leadership and their devastating impact on millions of lives since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. In a deeply personal approach, Wang, who was born in China and now lives in the United States, shares emotional first-hand accounts and startling, on-the-ground footage captured by camerapersons in China and the US as she weaves a revelatory picture of mass cover-ups and dishonesty while also highlighting the strength and resilience of the healthcare workers, activists, and family members who risked everything to communicate the truth.

An HBO Documentary Film

“We all think of ourselves as capable of separating truth from falsehood. But how can we make that distinction, when misinformation comes from the people we are supposed to trust?”
– Nanfu Wang, director, In The Same Breath

“It’s really about the ‘same breath’ drawn by people across China and the US—breath that isn’t valued by political leaders, who lie to them and abandon them, the failures of democracy and the
costs of authoritarianism.” – Sophie Richardson, China director, Asia Division, Human Rights Watch

– Winner, Audience Award, Festival Favorites, SXSW 2021
– Official Selection, Sundance Film Festival 2021


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