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Mustafa al-Darwish was beheaded in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has executed a man for offences that rights groups say he committed while aged 17, despite the kingdom’s assurance that it had abolished the death penalty for minors.

Mustafa Hashem al-Darwish was arrested in 2015 for protest-related offences.

Saudi authorities say he was charged with forming a terror cell and trying to carry out an armed revolt.

But rights groups had called for a stop to his execution, saying his trial had been unfair.

Amnesty International and Reprieve, an anti-death penalty charity, say 26-year-old al-Darwish had already recanted his confession, which was allegedly made after he was tortured. Saudi authorities have not publicly commented on the accusation.

According to Reuters news agency, al-Darwish’s charges included “seeking to disturb security by rioting” and “sowing discord”. Continue

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