Gianluca Costantini

Sabine Schormann, Documenta Fifteen

…art can help to propel us forward and propel the world forward. 

Sabine Schormann, Geschäftsführerin der documenta und Museum Fridericianum gGmbH

Documenta und Museum Fridericianum gGmbH is known as Documenta, for short. Director General Sabine Schormann has always been passionate about bringing people together and how collaboration lays the foundation for the future. Schormann was offered the prestigious role at Documenta after two decades as Director of the VGH Foundation, the Lower Saxony Savings Bank Foundation, and a career in the arts.

Just one and a half years into the role, faced with the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, she reflects with FRONTRUNNER on how Documenta will take place in 2022, as well as the importance of its direction. Continue

Germany / Documenta Fifteen