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Sophia Huang Xueqin #MeToo

Responding to Chinese #MeToo activist Sophia Huang Xueqin and labour activist Wang Jianbing being officially detained under the charge of “inciting subversion of state power”, Amnesty International’s China Campaigner Gwen Lee said:

“The Chinese government’s disdain for human rights has once again been laid bare by these unjustifiable charges for two activists whose only so-called crime has been to peacefully advocate for the welfare of others.

“Journalist Huang Xueqin has been targeted by the authorities after helping women in China report cases of sexual harassment and becoming a key figure in the country’s #MeToo movement.

“As well as shining a light on the dire treatment of victims of sexual violence, her arrest also exemplifies the Chinese authorities’ hostility towards journalists who dare to report the truth.   

“Wang Jianbing, who has advocated for workers with disabilities and occupational diseases, is also facing a lengthy jail sentence on the same bogus “subversion” charge. No one should face jail simply for defending workers’ rights.

“Neither Huang Xueqin or Wang Jianbing have committed any internationally recognized crime. They must be released immediately.” Continue


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