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Silence Heard Loud by Anna Konik

In Silence Heard Loud we meet seven individuals from six countries who journeyed to the UK in search of safety—fleeing from war, terrorism, ethnic hatred, persecution, and domestic violence.  But the issues now facing Angela, Janahan, Merwa, Michael, Mohamed, Nirmala, and Selamawit are complex: endless asylum procedures with no permission to work, uncertainty about their futures, and the loneliness of longing for family and home. After many years of integrating into their new local communities and rebuilding their lives, their futures are still under threat. At any moment, the UK Home Office could force them to leave their lives and the relationships they have forged. This artfully crafted film is a reminder of the struggles facing members of our community, and the continued fight for refugees to find freedom and dignity as they navigate the British asylum system.

“I was always hoping for a world where everyone is a citizen of the world and appreciated for what they do and who they are…. [Yet] wherever I go they’re like: ‘This isn’t your home, you’re not our colour, you’re not our nationality, you’re not our culture.’” – Merwa Zen, Film Participant, Silence Heard Loud

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Political Comics


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