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Zoreslav Zamoysky

In Zamoysky’s case, local residents in Bucha found his body on a street in the city in early April, according to statements by the Ukrainian National Union of Journalists (NUJU) and the Irpin city council. Those sources did not state the exact date his body was found.

Iryna Fedorov, founder of the news website Hromada Priirpinnya, told the NUJU that Zamoysky covered the activities of local authorities in the region around Bucha and the city of Irpin as a freelancer for his outlet and other local media groups. The NUJU statement also said that Zamoysky worked as an activist, but did not describe the nature of his activism.

Zamoysky regularly covered the war on his personal Facebook page, where he had about 1,000 followers. His last post was published on March 4. Continue

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