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Where is Yunus Emre Ayyıldız

Yunus Emre Ayyıldız (27), a Turk seeking asylum in Greece, went missing on Thursday while crossing the Evros River, the Bold Medya news website reported.

Ayyıldız arrived safely in Greece but was pushed back to Turkey by Greek authorities and went missing on the return journey. He had arrived in Greece by boat with a group of asylum seekers, but they were detained shortly thereafter. They were loaded onto the same rubber boat, which was damaged on the way back.

According to other people in the boat who managed to arrive in Turkey safely, Ayyıldız lost his balance, fell into the water and disappeared. It was thanks to the witnesses that Ayyıldız’s brother, Himmet Ayyıldız, was able to find out what had happened to his brother. Continue


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