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STOP THE INVASION! art exhibition opening

Art against the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Opening reception: Sunday, October 2nd, 12:30-4:00 pm, with live video with artists in Ukraine at 1:30 pm, and live performance afterward.
The exhibit continues through October 30th, with gallery hours on Sundays from 12:30-4:00 pm.
Closing event on Oct 30th to be announced.

The Great Hall Gallery, 2nd floor
First Presbyterian Church
12 West 12th Street at 5th Ave

International art show condemning the Russian Invasion of Ukraine.

This art show includes artists holding many different political and philosophical beliefs, working in different styles, from graphic novels to photo-journalism, from Fusionism to fashion design, and more abstract pieces. The artists come from many different countries including Ukraine, Russia, Italy, France, the UK, the USA, Israel and Palestine.
All are united on one point: The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a catastrophe with repercussions felt far outside of Ukraine. The only resolution is for the Russian military to leave Ukraine completely, to return illegally occupied territories, answer for crimes they continue to commit, and pay reparations for the damage they continue to cause. This — and only this — will end the violence and suffering.

The purpose of the show is to demonstrate that all over the world, people of good conscience condemn this invasion.

This art show originated with artists sending each other jpegs that were printed and shown in numerous locations around the world — so that this exhibit has had various manifestations. Versions of this exhibition have been shown so far, in Prague, Berlin, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yerevan-Armenia, Paris-France, Easton-PA, and Miami-Arizona.

To allow for the maximum participation of artists around the world, the show consists primarily of print-outs from digital files. We will be showing many of these printed jpegs and also some original art. Any money generated by the sale of originals or prints will go to charities helping people in Ukraine.

Interviews with Ukrainian artists Volodymyr Bilyk & Lubomyr Tymkiv for Stop the Invasion Art Show

An important part of this show will be photographs taken by Volodymyr Bilyk of the wreckage of School 25, in Zhytomyr, Ukraine, which was bombed by the Russian army. Other Ukrainian artists include Lubomyr Tymkiv, Oksana Brenzovych, Marianna Auster, Andr Batonchik, Lina Stern, Kathie Halfin, and Lisa Haideu.

American artists include members of the World War 3 Illustrated collective, the New York Artists Circle, Fusionism, and the Rivington School. Many of these artists have a long history of contributing their art to anti-war movements, against the US wars in Vietnam, Grenada, Central America and the Middle-East. Many of the American artists see the invasion of Ukraine as another imperialist war, sacrificing tens of thousands of people in the interest of a tiny elite.

Russian artists participating in the show, share the conviction that the invasion must end. For them, this is connected to a desire for greater freedom in their own country.

Seth Tobocman and Tamara Wyndham are the co-curators and co-managers of this exhibit.

Stop the invasion! Nikakoy voyny! Slava Ukraini!

Flower To Empower by Kathie Halfin

Participating Artists:

Volodymyr Bilyk, Lubomyr Tymkiv, Andr Batonchik, Oksana Brenzovych, Marianna Auster, Anastasia Omelchenko, Liliia Tatarinova, Lina Stern, Lisa Haideu, Lina Revenko, Kathie Halsin, Natasha Konyukova, Irina Venskaya, Ave Kondratieva, Katya Nikiphorova, Yustina Komissarova, Maxim Zatsepin, Elena Podolyan, KsekusKsekus, Edward Butilkin, Ekaterina Khrustaleva, Anna Vlasova, Natalia Phyodorova, Arina Andrianova, Katya Nikiphorova, Ulya Sizyx, Meichi Kuo, Yulia Semchenko, Anvin Ivanitsy, Victor Melamud, Anita Murnieks, Robert Carrithers, Seth Tobocman, Tamara Wyndham, Shalom Neuman, Ariel Kleinberg, Chris Cathead Reynolds, Mary Campbell, Franck Lazare, R.O. Blechman, Elliot Havens, Fran Beallor, Kristin Reed, Regina Silvers, Sara Klar, Mary Pinto, Olga Alexander, Peter Kuper, Sue Coe, Padig, Rebecca Migdal, Susan Simensky Bietila, Annabelle Heckler, Yasmeen Abdallah, Nicole Schulman, Tim Atseff, Orange, Garey Reister, Vanessa Glynn, Stephanie McMillan, Jana Astanov, Diana Kurz, Jo Blin, Michael Rowland, Gianluca Costantini, Mohammad Sabaaneh, Tsira Akhobadze.

World War 3 Illustrated / Ukraine / Russia / United States



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