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Bogdan Bitik

Ukrainian journalist Bogdan Bitik was shot dead by Russian snipers near a bridge in the Kherson region on 26 April 2023. At the time when he was shot, Bitik was working as a field producer for Italian reporter Corrado Zunino, who was also shot and survived the attack. According to Italian newspaper La Repubblica, the outlet they were working for, both journalists were wearing bulletproof vests with “Press” written on them.

Bitik and Zunino were targeted near the Antonivskyi bridge that crosses the Dnipro river near the Southern city of Kherson. The city was reconquered by Ukrainian forces back in November after being occupied by the Russian army in the spring of 2022.  

“I’m fine. But I’m sad to have lost a friend,” Zunino said. “I went on five missions with Bogdan. I’ve known him since I first arrived in Ukraine. He had returned to Ukraine from Indonesia where he has a wife and a son. I have just spoken to his wife. They are all extraordinary, kind and generous people,” Zunino said during an interview with Radio Capital.

Bogdan, whose dream was to go back to Indonesia to work as a kite-surf instructor, is survived by his wife Sofia and a 22-year-old son. Continue

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