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Freedom for Ahmed Gika

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Citizen Ahmed Hamdi, nicknamed “Jika”, disappeared on June 13, after he went for periodic follow-up at the State Security Center in Shubra Al-Khaima, Qalyubia Governorate (Egypt), which is considered in one way or another arbitrary, and until now. It appears that Jica was not subject to any of the investigative powers. Periodic follow-up was imposed on “Jika” after his release after 17 months in prison, including three months of concealment and illegal detention, in September 2021, after he received a phone call from a member of the National Security Apparatus to attend. the meeting. Periodic follow-up. “Jika” went to the National Security headquarters in Shubra Al-Kheima and did not return, and he remained in hiding for more than a month, and a series of new accusations began. This was not the first time that Gika was arrested, as the Egyptian authorities arrested him in 2016 For his participation in demonstrations denouncing the regime’s concession of the islands of Tiran and Sanafir to Saudi Arabia, the case known as the “Land” case. The State Security Prosecution ordered his release on bail of 100,000 pounds, and Jeka was imprisoned for three months in exchange for a guarantee that he could not pay.

He was arrested for the second time in 2017, on the sixth anniversary of the January Revolution, which was known as the “Dar al-Salam detainees.” Despite the issuance of a judicial decision, the court refused to implement it, and Gika and the other defendants remained under illegal detention. This successive series of illegal arrests and violations of citizen Ahmed Gika affected his educational career and his satisfaction with a diploma, because he was also prevented from taking his exams and being intransigent, and on the other hand, his social, family and professional life. affected.

And the authorities repeat what happened in 2021, and Jika goes to the State Security headquarters in Shubra Al-Khaima for periodic follow-up on June 13, 2023, and he has not returned until now, and for the fourth time, Jika is arrested. It is noteworthy that Gika, since his release in 2022, had not had any political or other activities, and was only trying to practice his normal life, but the authorities did not give him the opportunity to do so.


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