Gianluca Costantini
Political Comics

Their struggle could move any of us. 

In a world where voices of the oppressed often go unheard, Gianluca Costantini and Rash Brax, two foreign illustrators, have stood up for the silenced. Through their heartfelt artwork and unwavering dedication to human rights, they offer hope to political prisoners, including those in Belarus. In their interviews with Viasna, Gianluca and Rash open up about their creative process and what drives them to support the marginalized.

Gianluca Costantini has been drawing and narrating human rights violations for the past 20 years, but Belarus has only been in my sights for a few years.

“My first drawing dates back to 2020 and was about a violently repressed demonstration. Later I started drawing some cases of arrested people. At the same time I read a beautiful book by Saša Filipenko entitled “Ex son” which explained many things about Belarus to me.” Continue


Political Comics