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Refaat Alareer, poet

Palestinians are mourning the death of well-known writer and literary scholar Refaat Alareer, who was killed in an air strike in Gaza City on Wednesday.

Alareer’s father-in-law said he had died along with his brother and sister and four of her children.

He taught English literature at Gaza’s Islamic University.

“My heart is broken, my friend and colleague Refaat Alareer was killed with his family,” Gazan poet Mosab Abu Toha wrote on social media.

Alareer had declined to leave northern Gaza following the start of Israeli operations in the area. Two days before he died he posted video to social media in which a number of explosions could be heard.

“The building is shaking. The debris and shrapnel are hitting the walls and flying in the streets,” he wrote.

In an interview with the BBC in the hours after Hamas’s 7 October attack on Israel, Alareer caused widespread offence by calling it “legitimate and moral”. He said it was “exactly like the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising”.

The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising was a revolt that took place in German-occupied Poland in 1943 and saw Jews use weapons smuggled into the ghetto to try to resist Nazi efforts to transport people to the extermination camps. Continue


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