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Kfir Bibas

Relatives of Israeli hostage Kfir Bibas have this week held a first birthday celebration for the baby who was snatched on 7 October and abducted into Gaza during the Hamas attack inside southern Israel. The youngest hostage to be kidnapped would be celebrating the milestone tomorrow.

AFP News Agency reports his family are marking the occasion with a cake and candles at kibbutz Nir Oz. In November, Hamas broadcast a video announcing the death of the baby, his brother and mother, saying they had been killed in an Israeli airstrike. But there has been no confirmation from Israeli officials, and relatives have since clung to the hope that they are not dead. Out of the roughly 400 inhabitants of kibbutz Nir Oz, about one in four was either killed or kidnapped on 7 October. Kfir was abducted along with his four-year-old brother Ariel and their parents Yarden and Shiri Bibas. Yossi Schneider, cousin of the baby’s mother Shiri Bibas, said they are “doing things that are related to a birthday – but the birthday kid is not here.” The press visit to the kibbutz was organised by “Bring them home now

Bring Them Home Now, a group of families of the hostages who have continued to campaign for their release after now being held in captivity for over 100 days. Source: The Guardian

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