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Moussa Abu Marzouk

Al Jazeera is carrying quotes from senior Hamas official Moussa Abu Marzouk about the deal brokered by Qatar and France to deliver medicine into the Gaza Strip, some of which is destined for Israeli hostages who have been held captive for over 100 days. It quotes him saying that for every one box of medicine destined for hostages, 1,000 boxes for Palestinians will be included.

Al Jazeera English goes on to report: “Abu Marzouk says Israeli authorities will not have the chance to inspect the shipments. He says Hamas insisted Qatar provide the medication and not France because of the European country’s support for Israel.” About 132 hostages are still believed to be in Gaza, including at least 27 believed to have been killed. Forty-five hostages are expected to receive medication under the agreement, according to the French presidency. The deliveries will go on for three months under the deal. Source: Guardian

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