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Alarms! They’re fascists!

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The warning of a witness from the past, Gastone Cottino, whose gaze is always fixed on the present, is an exhortation to reclaim the sense of history, to know, not to remain silent about injustices, and never to surrender to the fascisms of yesterday and today.

“At the threshold of my hundred years (I have just turned 98), a group of boys and girls asked me for a meeting, posing a question that summarizes today’s problem: ‘You participated in the Resistance and in the subsequent stages of the Republic. Your generation and those immediately following had clear values ​​to look up to and reference figures. Who and what do we refer to?’ It’s a fair question, profoundly fair, which points to the need to find the thread and the meaning of a history. A history that young people do not know, or know little about, because in recent decades it has been distorted and lost. What to do? And with what references? I believe that the starting point, the first reference for you young people, lies in a precious warning from that great figure who was Nuto Revelli: ‘To understand and not to surrender, to understand what we have been and what we must be; to understand and not to surrender: never.’ Boys and girls, it’s up to you. Never give up!”

The last writing of Gastone Cottino, also known as Lucio: partisan, jurist, teacher, anti-fascist. And full of hope, until the end.

Produced in collaboration with the Antifascist Coordination of Turin.

Italy / Edizioni Gruppo Abele

Political Comics


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