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Kyriaki Griva

Kriaki Griva was 28 years old when she was stabbed to death, in the back, by her ex-boyfriend. It happened in Athens, Greece, where the story of this girl is shaking public opinion. Kyriaki Griva had indeed sought help from the police, she had gone to the police station, accompanied by a friend, to report the violence she had suffered from her ex. And she had also asked to be escorted home by someone from the station because she knew he was waiting for her outside. She was afraid and asked for help. But the first response she received was that there were no patrols available at that time. She was not told to wait, no protection code for victims of violence was activated.

So Kyriaki Griva tried to go home but after the first steps outside the police station she called the emergency number again to ask for help. On the other end of the phone, the operator’s voice replied: “Ma’am, the patrol car is not a taxi.” So, after asking for help in every way, Kyriaki Griva died, in the street, stabbed in the back by the man she had just asked the police to protect her from. At the moment four police officers have been suspended. Among the testimonies, the words, in particular, of one policeman are chilling: “I went out and saw a man clinging to the woman’s body, from behind. But I couldn’t see his hands. The man moved away a bit and only then did I realize that he had a big knife in his hand, which he was sticking into her back and that the woman was falling face down. She was bleeding from her body and mouth.”

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