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There are loves without paradise

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Setup curated by Alberto Cervesato

From May 7th to 12th, Piazza Libertà, Udine
Festival Vicino/Lontano | Premio Terzani

Narrative journalism – from Matilde Serao in “The Belly of Naples” to Truman Capote and his “In Cold Blood” – delves into crimes that stem from personal relationships, from evil that leaves its mark on the lives of ordinary people. Often without a recognizable face. Almost always just a mention in a crime headline.

So it was long considered for the crime of passion, as it was commonly called. An oxymoron, clear today: the honesty of words is the fertile yeast of every relationship… words are seeds, yeast, poison, virus. That’s why it’s important today to say FEMICIDE, killed for the reason of her gender, nothing else, to ferment the future relationships. Knowing it’s just the beginning of a journey.

In addition to using honest words, giving a face to the victims of patriarchal violence is a moral obligation for the artist Costantini, an activist and defender of broad spectrum human rights, who does not forget the oldest violence (as old as the “oldest profession in the world”).

This atlas of faces creates an emotional geography, and this time yes, passionate, participatory, allowing us to re-member (literally bring to the heart) the smile, the gaze, the lines that make up these islands of interrupted life.

It is also an attempt to build collective memory, to prompt awareness, a political act that in its scenic, helical and circular presentation, aims to compel the visitor to linger and to be enveloped, knowing that the temporality of the installation makes this experience “temporary”, eliminating the possibility of becoming a monument. Thus, one enters a “nonument” to use a neologism by Gordon Matta-Clark. (Elettra Stamboulis)

There is a need to remember, but there is no antidote to forgetfulness.

GIANLUCA COSTANTINI Activist artist, fights his civil and humanitarian battles through drawing. He collaborates with ActionAid, Amnesty International, and Arci. He publishes in Italian and foreign publications. His latest books: Libya (with F. Mannocchi, Mondadori 2019); Patrick Zaki, an Egyptian story (with L. Cappon, Feltrinelli 2022); with Becco Giallo: Human Rights Portraits (2023); Julian Assange (new edition 2024, to be released in May). He illustrated Ai Weiwei’s graphic memoir Zodiac, published in 2024 with texts by Elettra Stamboulis in English (Random House) and Portuguese (Objectiva).

Vicino/Lontano / Femminicidio / Italy

Political Comics


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