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The pavilion at the Venice Biennale will remain closed until…

The exhibition of Ruth Patir at the Venice Biennale will remain closed until a ceasefire is reached.

Ruth Patir, an Israeli artist at the Venice Biennale, along with curators Mira Lapidot and Tamar Margalit, announces that the Israeli pavilion will remain closed until a ceasefire agreement is reached with Hamas. The decision is made in response to the violent events in the region, with Patir expressing her regret but deeming this protest action important. The closure represents internal protest within Israel, amidst growing external calls for a boycott of the pavilion. Patir opposes cultural boycott but chooses to join the call for peace. Her exhibition, “(M)otherland,” explores the theme of motherhood. While the pavilion remains closed, a video by Patir will be visible through a window.

The hope is that the pavilion can reopen before the Biennale’s closure.

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