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Nadera Shalhoubi Kevorkian

Nadera Shalhoubi is a Palestinian feminist scholar, born in Haifa in 1960, and a professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Hebrew. In an interview, speaking about her childhood, she recounted: “We lived on a street called Al-Mukhlas street. The Jews called us arabim melukhekhim (dirty Arabs), and they threw stones at me and my brothers. I always tried to protect them, but no one punished those who attacked us as our children are punished. […] During the Nakba of 1948, my mother was forced to board a ship with her three children, before marrying my father, to protect herself and them. I grew up listening to this story in all its painful details. My father was a lawyer, Jamil Shalhoub-Kevorkian. He was seriously injured in the foot while trying to sneak back to Haifa when he was seventeen.” Nadera Shalhoubi’s research in recent years has focused on the theme of trauma in Palestinian society, social psychology, law, pain in contexts of alienation, power, and strength. Nadera deals with state crimes against women and children and other forms of gender-based violence, crimes and abuses of power in colonial contexts, surveillance capitalism, is an expert in Israeli “security theology” and psychological trauma analysis in militarized and colonial areas. Continue

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