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My name is Victoria Shi

My name is Victoria Shi.
I have been created by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

Ukraine has introduced a groundbreaking innovation in its foreign ministry: an AI-generated spokesperson named Victoria, who will deliver official statements on its behalf.

In an unprecedented move, the ministry announced its adoption of a digital spokesperson to present its statements, although these statements will continue to be crafted by human hands.

In a presentation shared on social media, the spokesperson, Victoria Shi, appeared clad in a dark suit, introducing herself as a “digital person”. With gestures and head movements, she delivered her messages.

The foreign ministry clarified that while Victoria Shi’s statements will not be AI-generated, they will be thoroughly crafted and verified by real individuals. According to Dmytro Kuleba, the Ukrainian foreign minister, the introduction of this new spokesperson represents a technological advancement unprecedented in diplomatic services worldwide.

The primary motivation behind Victoria Shi’s creation is to streamline diplomatic efforts, conserving time and resources for diplomats. The team behind her development, known as the Game Changers, has previously produced virtual reality content related to the conflict in Ukraine.

Victoria Shi’s name is a fusion of “victory” and the Ukrainian term for artificial intelligence, shtuchniy intelekt. Her appearance and voice are modeled after Rosalie Nombre, a singer and former contestant on Ukraine’s edition of The Bachelor, originally from Donetsk, now under Russian control. Nombre, who actively discusses stereotypes about mixed-race Ukrainians and Russian speakers on her Instagram account, volunteered for the role.

To combat misinformation, Victoria Shi’s statements will be accompanied by QR codes linking to text versions on the ministry’s website. She will primarily address consular services, an area currently under scrutiny.

Ukraine recently suspended consular services for men of fighting age residing abroad, mandating their return to Ukraine for administrative processes and potentially military draft.


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