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10 years without Andrea Rocchelli

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Ten years have passed since the death of Andrea Rocchelli, the photojournalist from Pavia who was killed in 2014 in Donbass by a mortar shell fired by the Ukrainian army. Yet today, it seems that only a few want to remember this story. On May 24, 2014, along with Rocchelli, human rights activist Andrej Mironov also lost his life. On that tragic day, French photojournalist William Roguelon and the driver who had accompanied the group were also injured. Andrea’s tragic death deeply shocked the international community and led to a complicated legal process: there were a conviction and an acquittal, fantastical reconstructions were proposed, inappropriate words were used, and, above all, a complex affair that deserved more attention was oversimplified.

Andrea was an acute observer, a meticulous professional, and a man of great courage. He didn’t just photograph horror; he sought to give a voice to the voiceless, always putting people and their stories at the center. Every one of his photos was an invitation to look beyond, to understand, and to not remain indifferent. Andrea Rocchelli was not just a photographer but a storyteller of lives, a witness of our time, and a champion of truth. His dedication and sacrifice will forever remain a beacon for all those who believe in the power of journalism and photography to change the world. Andrea Rocchelli has left us a precious legacy that deserves to be preserved and celebrated so that his voice and the voices of the victims he documented continue to resonate.

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